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Club of Programmers IIT (BHU), Varanasi

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CSoC is a platform where all the interested people get together to teach and learn the best of programming, to give direction to the future of the students as a potential source in the industry.

COPS Summer Of Code 18 received a great response not only from the students of IIT(BHU) but also from other colleges like BITS Pilani and IIT Kanpur. It took off to a flying start with more than 200 people actively participating. In the end, CSoC was appreciated by the college students and was able to gain a total reach of 6.9k with 834 likes and shares on Facebook posts. Out of 200 participants, 93 resolved CSoC assignments and were pleased with the knowledge they earned with the help of it.

The main objective of CSoC is to help people explore various major as well as minor fields of Computer Science which they’ve heard about a lot, but don’t know where to start. Right from the very basic of each of these fields, we take the participants to the maximum possible level of the subject up to their potential to grasp knowledge. as CSoC carries no boundaries, the participants are free to explore and take help from us. Development, Machine Learning and Competitive programming will be the three main sectors that will be dealt with during the programme. Exciting resource, assignments and mentorship will be provided to all students during the programme

  • Machine learning: The aim of the programme is to equip the participants with the necessary tools and techniques of Machine Learning and to give an idea regarding the various avenues and developments taking place in the field. The students will be taught about data science, encouraged to participate in competitive Machine Learning, and exposure will also be give to computer vision and natural language processing , two of the hot topics in the research field.
  • Development: The aim is to involve people in open source contributions and to get a taste of actual development in a collaborative effort. By the end of the program, students should be comfortable with whatever development environment they've set up, basic technologies in web development and how to contribute to open source projects and to solve their issues.
  • Competitive Programming: The aim is to give exposure to students regarding the various concepts, tools and tricks in competitive programming.To encourage a good culture there will be coding contests every two weeks, carried on with a discussion on slack, google group and WhatsApp group, where one can clear her doubts. Tutorials and practice problems, along with their editorials will be released a week before every contest.

A brief timeline of the programme is as follows:


Week 0

Resources related to Linux installation and basic shell, basic maths, recursion, implementation, STL, Numpy and python will be provided

Week 1

Git, Github, PR and best practices of using Git will be discussed. There will be a CP contest and assignments for topics dealt in Week 0

Week 2

Resources of HTML, CSS and JS,DFS, BFS, DSU will be shared There will assignments for week 1 and materials on Data Science will be shared.

Week 3

Resources related to Django will be provided. There will be a Cp contest On DFS,BFS and DSU.More materials and Assignments on backend and data science will be provided.

Week 4

Students will be taught about choosing open source projects to work on. Material on Computer Vision and dynamic programming will be shared.

Week 5

There will be a contest on the topic of Dynamic programming and assignments on the topic of computer vision. Mentoring will be provided to students in regards to choosing and working on open source projects.

Week 6

Material on segment tree, binary indexed tree and Natural language Processing will be provided. Students will be guided to solving issues by making PRs.

Week 7

Assignments on Natural Language processing and contest on topics of Week 6.

Week 8

Final grading and evaluation and release of leader board.